Paul Beiler

NC SC Realtor, Tryon Landrum Asheville Columbus
Broker, Sales Associate, Realtor

Phone: 828-817-2679 800-442-4749 ext 134
Fax. 864-457-2076

As your realtor my commitment is to bring you the same honest work values that I was taught by my father. I was raised as a Mennonite and living on a dairy farm in south GA I learned the value of family, community, and hard work. The best life lesson I learned was watching my father conduct himself in a way that displayed an honest and caring character.
I have lived in the foothills of NC for eighteen years, and have been involved in building for the last seventeen years. With my experience in building I am able to see below the surface of a home and know what is important in a structure. Striving to go beyond a client/realtor relationship is my goal. I want to be someone who helps you find the home of your dreams, and I will work hard at selling you property in this challenging economy. Growing up here I know the foothills well, and it is without a doubt the best place to raise a family, and retire. I look forward to building a relationship with you and assisting you with all