Charming Historic Home in one of Tryon’s Prettiest Neighborhoods
Residential Homes for Sale in Tryon, NC Close to Downtown
44 Bickford Avenue, Tryon, NC 28782
5 Bedrooms | 4 Bath(s) | .64 Acres
Price: $822,000.00

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This charming home in Tryon, North Carolina is steeped in local history and Southern hospitality. Originally known as “Cherokee Lodge” from 1912 to 1945, it was run by the gracious Annie Ravenel. The home’s legacy continued in 1921 when it became the site of the Tryon Infirmary, founded by Dr. Marion C. Palmer and Dr. Allen J. Jervey, who rented a portion of the property. The current owner purchased the home in 1982 and spent years renovating and updating with attention to detail and preservation of it’s charm. Situated in one of Tryon’s loveliest neighborhoods and within walking distance to the charming downtown, this spacious home exudes the warmth and gentility that defines the Southern way of life. Its storied past and prime location make it a truly special property, one that captures the essence of this close-knit community steeped in history and hospitality. Stepping through the stained-glass front door, you’re immediately enveloped in the timeless charm of this historic home. The wrap-around porch beckons you to savor cool summer evenings, rocking gently as you take in the neighborhood’s peaceful ambiance. Inside, the home is a treasure trove of period details that transport you to another era. Handsome wood floors stretch out underfoot, complemented by beadboard finishes and moldings that speak to the craftsmanship of days gone by. A vintage phone booth stands as a quaint reminder of bygone communication, while chair rails and other classic architectural elements lend an air of elegance throughout. Imagine the wonderful conversations that have taken place in front of the three Rumford fireplaces, where families and friends have gathered to share stories and create lasting memories. The impressive attic space offers endless possibilities, whether you envision it as a cozy storage haven or a transformative studio retreat.  This home is not merely a structure, but a living, breathing entity that has witnessed the ebb and flow of life. Each nook and cranny holds whispers of the past, inviting you to uncover the rich tapestry of its history and make it your own. With its ideal location and charming ambiance, this home would also make a wonderful bed and breakfast destination.

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